In coloured PVC with coloured corded handles

Transparent PVC bags with plastic corded handles in 3/10 fto cm.50 x 40.

With corded ø mm.6 x 85 cm handles. Colored or with tubular handles.

We offer great promotions on both our coloured and transparent designs. Talk to our team to find out more!


With zip and metal sliders

borse plastica

Transparent coloured PVC pouches with zips and metal sliders.

1/22 x 19 - useful cm.22 x 16.5 with or without our colour printing promotion.

Used in fashion for bathing suits and other clothing.


As you can see we have produced our own range of handbags printed with photos of famous women which have been used by fashion companies for their own products.


Promotional bags

Borsa + busta

Flat silver plated PVC bags with handles and optional press closure to create bags designed to hold clothing - printed or plain.

BPM bags

With biscuit handles

PVC bundles of bags 45/100 in multicolours, with darts at the bottom and biscuit handles.

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