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Our major partners include the UNI ISO companies that provide us the raw materials for our final products to be marketed according to European law.

The main companies that work with us are:

  • Mondoplastico

Case history


To obtain the final product, having arrived with us in coils or slabs, the raw materials have to undergo a range of machining processes following several phases:

  • 1st Phase: The raw material is cut, measured and squared
  • 2nd Phase: Any requested customisation of the material with the customer's branding using silk-screen printing, lithograph, hot stamping, oropress printing or printed cardboard.
  • 3rd Phase: Welding, die-cutting or sewing of the material
  • 4th Phase: Any accessories to complete the product such as: mechanisms, springs for locks, buttons, handles etc.
  • 5th Phase: Packing of the products in boxes, packages or pallets (we try to comply with the requests made by customers)
  • 6th Phase: The shipment of the material via our staff for short / medium distances, by customers themselves, or entrusted to a courier or shipment company according to customers' wishes.

  • Our friendly team are always available to help you with your order or details of your shipment.
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